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Income Protection Insurance

Income protection is insurance that replaces some of your income, via regular payments if you can’t work because of injury or illness.
It can run alongside critical illness insurance and because it covers injury as well as illness, it has a wider reach. Focussing on getting back to good health to enable you to work again can be less stressful if you know you have a regular income.

You can tailor the policy to your own circumstances so that it starts to pay you a regular income once any work sick pay has ended. There are many reasons why you should buy income protection insurance.

Below are some questions to think about with income protection insurance:

  • Could you still make ends meet using statutory (employer) sick pay?
  • How long would your savings last? Do you have any savings?

  • How stressful would you find it knowing you had mandatory bills to pay and no income to help?

If you can’t answer any of these questions, book a discovery meeting today and speak with our experts about how Income Protection Insurance can help you.

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