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Life Insurance

Hard decisions are usually the most important ones and whilst not being here for your loved ones is very difficult to think about, it should be thought about and provisioned for.
Life insurance is an insurance policy, which in return for a monthly premium see’s the promise to pay a lump sum in the event of death.

Whilst it doesn’t benefit you directly, it helps your loved ones and so the benefit to you of knowing it’s in place is priceless. It’s purpose is to give loved ones financial protection if you die whilst your policy is in force (whilst you’re still paying premiums).

A common intention of those who buy life insurance is to leave an amount of money to help those you love cope financially with your loss. It may be used to pay off debts or bills, giving them the breathing space to learn how to live without you and maintain their lifestyles.
Risk of death, as you’d imagine increases with age and so buying a policy will never be cheaper than it is today for you to buy it.
Medical conditions can cause life insurance to cost more than the average person, however, in most cases, you can get life insurance even if you have medical conditions.
Disclosing all the information and being truthful in the answers you give to your advisor is very important to secure the correct premium you will pay and policy cover you get to protect your loved ones if the worst was to happen.
The price you will pay depends on the level of cover selected and your personal circumstances.

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